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Posted by on Dec 29, 2014 in Movies |

PK is not against Hindu Religion

PK (@PK) is not at all against Hindu Dharma. Nor #PK is against any other religion as well. Rather it makes you understand why small children in whom we want to sow the seeds of our culture and religion often turns to become anti-religious, religion fanatic, and even atheistic. Why their believes attract a question mark when they did not receive the answers of their questions because elders often get annoyed their simplest and basic but embarrassing questions just to reply that keep quiet, don’t annoy, don’t ask more questions about the God. Why it happens we get angered when we don’t have the answers to the religious questions of children, youth, and other questioners. Instead of it, we are required to search the answers from anywhere and give them to our children or questioners. Today, we have access to Internet where the different search engines are available that can be used to collect the knowledge for finding the answers of your and others’ questions.

Now let us come at the story of the movie #PK. In it, an alien comes from another planet in whose civilization there is no invention of clothes, language, culture, and religion. Even if his planet is more developed than ours is still they walk naked and they cannot talk to each other but they have to think in mind and has to shake hand with each other to understand the thoughts and conversation. They can invent more and more sophisticated technologies to discover the planet hosting the species like their, how to go there, and how to create an UFO that can easily land in the environment of Earth. However, the aliens cannot discover until yet who have manufactured their civilization and who have created their planet and rest of the Milky Way.

On the contrary, the language, word, culture, religion, expression, and shyness are already available in Earth. The humans don’t walk naked and even know that God had manufactured them and their planet and that’s why they worship God. However, the biggest problem is that there are 165 different religions and each religion has different Gods. On top, there are different and sometime multiple managers or priests for each religion. When an alien comes to Earth for the very first time who don’t know anything about neither humans nor their civilization.  In such a situation, how can even assume that the alien who is the main part of this film can understand the Rama-Krishna-Shiv-Hanuman-Sarawati-Lakshmi-Kaali etc., Jesus, Buddha, Paigambar Mohammed Sahab, Mahavira, and other Gods of other religions.

When the alien lands at Earth in remote village of Rajasthan then a thief stole his locket-shaped Remote Control and sold it in Delhi. Only one man helped alien using which the alien could learn a language i.e. Bhojuri of our planet with much difficulties. He came to know that the stolen things are sold in Delhi, so he now came to Delhi. Police could not help him and after wandering from one place to other, he came to know that only God could help him. And then his journey begun. When he asked about the address of God, he received the address of a Temple. Upon visiting the Temple, he came to know that God does exist but He will not do any task like giving money to devotees or catching the thieves upon mere request. The alien only knew to have a receipt after paying the amount to ensure the delivery. When he visit the Police Station to complain then he was told after checking that his name is of Christian origin therefore he should go to Christ not Krishna. When he visited Church to offer the usual flowers and coconut then he was thrown out. After seeing the wine being offered to Jesus, he bought wine and then received the address of Mosque this time. When he was going towards Mosque, few people stopped him and beaten him for trying to bring wine to their Mosque. Now how could the alien know that Hindu God, Jesus Christ, Mohammed Sahab, Buddha, and Mahavir are different in site of being a single soul. After suffering beating various times, he was introduced to differentiation in religions and Gods at Earth. Then he had changed his behavior each time for the different religious places still his discovery was incomplete. So he distributed the missing pamphlets  to find God. Is it wrong? No. This is because his intentions were not wrong. He wanted to meet God to get help in obtaining back his locket because his locket was in fact a remote control to call back the UFO in order to return home. Yes, taking out money from the Temple’s donation box and sticking God stickers on cheeks to be saved from beating is completely wrong. But just because of it, will not we watch a good movie or oppose it firmly.

Now let us come at the incident of disrespecting God Shiva. When an alien stay naked and didn’t know about the clothes, then how could you expect him to be aware of theaters and acting. How could he know the man standing in front of him is not God Shiva but a normal man posing like God? When the alien tried to inquire that man about the locket then actor ran away that is a demand of the movie? Only a few knew that Vrindavana had a lot of Saints who used to talk Shri Krishna by making Him stand in their front. They used to perform Navadha Bhakti in which Lord Krishna is worshipped in different forms like as a son, a father, a boss, or even a lover. Some such Saints made Lord Krishna to run away just as Mother Yashoda did. This is because they were posing like Yashoda to whom the Gopis (milk women) used to complaint against Shri Krishna and Mother Yashoda used to beat Krishna using bamboo bludgeon. Yes PK was not doing any kind of bhakti but when he made God running and was running behind Him and asking something. This is a kind of bhakti in Navadha Bhakti rituals or what else. Moreover, the alien received the first glimpse of his locket just because of running after the God.

Is there any deterioration in the numbers of fake saints in any religion on this Earth who claim to have direct connection to the God? It is agreed upon that blindness and fake saints are no less in other religions. However, can all forged saints be displayed in single movie? No, this tough task require more than 10 movies to display all forged saints of all religions.

The belief on God of alien broke just because of a fake saint. Before that he used to visit Temple, Church, Mosque, Sthanak, and Gurudwara. He is correct to say,

“There are two Gods on this Earth one who had created the humans and their civilization and second whom we have created.”

The God who had created us should be reachable by us directly. Why only few messengers are able to talk to Him/Her?

When the incident of wrong number arrives, then it is the best to feed the Cows but it is wrong to suppose that we will get a job by feeding the cow. It is very good to meet and visit the Saints but to think that one will get a son because of a mantra is wrong. The mantras always has a very good effect on our body because of their positive contents and words and the vibration being generated while chanting the mantras. Still the worshipping the God or chanting its mantras will not help alone as you have to do the efforts as well.

Now please let me know will you worship any roadside idol without matching its structure to the indicated God or Goddess. Will you just be blind to follow the crowd when it comes to religion? Will not you ask when the Idol was established? This is because it is necessary to identify and concentrate on the indicated God in order to worship that God in Murtipooja (idol worship).

Now, please tell when you are going to watch PK.

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