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Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Aam Aadmi Party |

Winning of Unconstitutional Efforts by Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party

What’s going on in Delhi? Have you ever seen a Chief Minister or Head of any State to sit on protestation and acting in such an irresponsible manner? If not then see it now. Being a President of a revolutionary party who claimed in its manifesto to deliver Puran Swarjaya, protect the females, regularize the unauthorized colonies, and to take every step for the betterment of masses, he now forgets that he is a Chief Minister of a Capital State and not a mere protester.

He has chief responsibilities and is liable to maintain law and order in his state. Why he forgot that Delhi is the Capital of Bharat with partial statehood and cannot be awarded full statehood in any case for the sake of national security?

Delhi Police triples as a Civilian Police Force, Security Force for the elected ministers and Parliament; and as an Investigative Agency in form of its branch CBI. Giving the Delhi Police to Delhi State Government will be a clear-cut danger to our national sovereignty and security. Doing this will often lead to chaos and law & order issues in the Bharatian Capital lowering down the image of our nation, especially during a cat & rat fight between two enemy different parties of Central and State Governments.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal should understand the above facts that he and his Ministers don’t have a constitutional right to summon the officers of Delhi Police including SHO and ACP. He should apply general understandings and common senses to cross check his doings. He should at least heed what others were saying. He should hear the voices of his force like Vinod Kumar Binni & Gopinath and main supporters like Congress Leader Mr. Lovely & Santosh Hegde. Even the criticism of his former supporter Ms. Kiran Bedi is a better way to give him a lead to correct direction.

In the past, previous Governments of BJP and Congress also asked for a full statehood but they focused more on their governance instead of coming on road for a hand-to-hand protestation with Central Government to lead a national security threat. 26 January, Republic Day is just after 4 days, and until the afternoon of 21-Jan, the Chief Minister of Delhi is saying to gather a crowd of lakhs of people to disrupt the Republic Day. Its Parade, for him, is only for the VIPs and not for common man/aam aadmi. This is wrong and goes against the Republic and Constitution of Bharat.

I seriously condemn the act of the Central Government ruled by Congress to admit the unconstitutional demands of Aam Aadmi Party by requesting/instructing the Lower Governor to send two SHOs on leaves until the ongoing investigations finished. Tomorrow, AAP and Mr. Kejriwal can again sit on an indefinite protestation while some important event was to be commenced. I’ve heard Mr. Sanjay Singh, so called elder Leader of Aam Aadmi Party, saying on a leading news channel – Aaj Tak – that they’ve reserved their partial success with the agitation by letting the Central Government to send the SHOs on leave. It’s noteworthy that the Lower Governor reserves the power to send the police officers on leave for any number of days even without consulting the Central Government.

Then why the hell the drama of two days protestation on road was necessary? Can’t Aam Aadmi Party, the ruling party of Delhi, can convenience the LG in starting to send all the alleged SHOs and ACP on leaves until the investigation is completed?

Not only the common people suffered a lot due to this agitation but they also feel confused what to say or not. Navbharat Times and Times of India had received around 700 and 400 or more comments on their Live Blog reporting the timeline of this strange movement.  By doing all this, Aam Aadmi Party had not just shifted their focus on agitations instead of doing public betterment but they also tried their best to lower down the image of their voters.

To summarize, it is not good for any political party to perform agitations after forming the Government in their targeted State. Aam Aadmi Party should understand their limits and functions for the betterment of masses instead of just behaving like agitators. Yes, they cannot leave their revolutionary behavior but this behavior can be used for a better governance with more responsibility and transparency.

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