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Posted by on Nov 12, 2016 in Failure |

Banks Are Worsening the Current Financial Situation Only

We were more than 300 people standing outside the Axis Bank Uttam Nagar since 6 to 7 AM. We all do not have much cash that work in the market and helps us to earn our bread and butter. Some family members of hospital admitted patients were also there. We requested the bank employees, policemen, and security guards multiple times to create two or three queues – one for money exchange, other for account deposit (not withdrawal at all) and third for money withdrawal.

read-in-hindiThey did not give a heed to us. As customers of Axis Bank, multiple persons from us were receiving messages that all branches of Axis Bank will remain open from 9 AM to 6 PM but the bank staff was totally non-cooperative. Regardless of good crowd management and by bypassing the whole crowd, some people have seen that bank staff was accepting large bags of big people who seemed to their regular customers.

On top of all hardships, they affixed a note that their branch will be closed on 3:30 PM. We requested them to accept the cash deposits if the cash has been finished up to give us, but they did not listen and closed the bank at sharp 3:15 PM. About 100 of us, have created an application and signed it in order to request the Manager of Axis Bank, Uttam Nagar Branch to open the bank till 6 PM and at least accept cash deposits, but he was ruthless dictator and did not even appeared to talk to us.

We noticed third party people standing on the gates of Axis Banks who were neither bank staffs nor policemen nor security guards and were manhandling the people. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable and wrong.

In that case, we the people visited the nearby Police Station (Thana) of Uttam Nagar and submitted an application against the Axis Bank, Uttam Nagar Branch.


bank-will-be-closed-on-330-pm crowd-at-gate-3 shutter-closed-finally shutter-down-at-320-or-315-2

I have sent the complaint along with scanned copies of the complaint filed to Uttam Nagar Police Station to RBI, Finance Ministry, Home Ministry, Delhi Police Commissioner, and PMO. There response is awaited till yet.

Our demand is that Government of India should

  1. take immediate and firm action against Uttam Nagar Branch of Axis Bank.
  2. terminate the services of the Branch Manager and other staff who is ruthless man without any heart to listen public queries and provide us good services in the hour of need.
  3. pass an order to all Banks including Government and Private to remain open from 8AM to 8PM and they should remain open to accept the cash deposits in Customer Accounts even if the cash has been finished up.
  4. pass an order to let the bank open even on Monday as the public of Delhi could not celebrate Prakash Parv or Guru Parv without any cash in their hand.

I am attaching the photographs of application submitted to Police Station, Uttam Nagar, photograph of the banner saying branch will open only from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM on this Saturday and Sunday, and other photographs of the gate.

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