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Posted by on Jan 12, 2014 in Delhi Govt |

Uttam Nagar Without Water

Subject: Request to resolve the No Water issue of Jain Colony 1, Uttam Nagar

I have heard the news of Chief Minister’s announcement of supplying 20,000 liters free water to the citizens of Delhi few days ago. First of all, thanks to keep your promise and congratulations for completing one of your assurances. It seems like a miracle when a political party completes its promise especially benefiting the public.

However, the announcement of giving free water, its media speculation, AAP’s achievement etc. is not fruitful rather this news is just wound scratching for the thousands of people of Delhi including hundreds of residents of Matiala, Shukar Bazar, and Jain Colony 1, 2 & 3 where only few drops of water come through the tap.

I am one of these victims of fresh water and my family and my neighbors in Jain Colony Part 1 had to survive on the underground but completely saline water of 4000 TDS. This consumption of water is affecting our health badly. Our families have to pay for drinking water. Our utensils and building structures are decaying because of saline water. Someday our human bodies may also show some symptoms of the suffering because of too much TDS of the water, which we’re forced to use in the absence of good water from Jal Board.

Proposed Solution

I even don’t know how the water of Jal Board will reach us. However, according to the some learned residents of my colony, the following points are required to be addressed.

  1. Every family is entitled for only one water connection and one meter. Multiple connections and meters of the alleged households should be dealt strictly with laws.
  2. Only check valves of 0.5-inch should be placed for all. In addition, 2-inch nipple installed by some people in our area should be replaced with it.
  3. Each large and small pipelines should be checked for both 2-inch nipple for water connection.
  4. Each home should be inspected for the installed water connections.
  5. Pipelines in our area are old (unknown age) and are small may be of 4-inch only. They should be replaced with some larger and new pipelines ( 6-inch to 8-inch) even in the narrow streets.
  6. Water should be supplied on daily basis instead of once in two days.


The Chief Minister can call the CEO of Jal Board and pass an order to him to inspect our area (Jain Colony, Shukar Bazar, and Matiala) for multiple connections for household, unauthorized connections, and to replace 2-inch nipples with 0.5-inch check valves for each connection; and to install new pipelines in the streets.


Doing this will bring the promised amount of water in our household on daily basis and we’ll be more than satisfied and will be supporters of the Aam Aadmi Party.


The Chief Minister of Delhi

New Delhi.


Sending the letter

Dispatched this letter through the Website of Aam Aadmi Party and by emailing at their email address. This letter was also delivered through the Facebook Page of the current Chief Minister. Moreover, I’ve sent this letter through the Website:, the confirmation of which is displayed herein below.

Reply Received

Eagerly waiting for the reply and will publish it here as soon as a reply is received from the Government of Delhi or the ruling Aam Aadmi Party.

Your Registration Number is : GNCTD/E/2014/00169

 From: <>

Date: Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 7:53 PM
Subject: Online Grievance registration

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Your Grievance has been registered vide Registration number GNCTD/E/2014/00169 .Please quote the same in your future correspondance.

Note: This is a system generated mail. Please do not reply it.


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