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Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Right to Education |

Critical Analysis – Right to Education Act

Key Issues

  • There are no special provisions to maintain quality of education i.e. act only provides right to education and physical infrastructure and doesn’t provide any measures how much child shall learn. As recent studies told that most of 8th class students are not compatible to solve problems of fifth standard.
  • There are no specific action/consequences if govt schools don’t meet any norms or guidelines.
  • The act legitimizes the practice of multi grade teaching i.e. the number of teachers shall be based on number of students rather than grade.
  • School Management Committee (SMC) – the concept of SMC is limited to govt aided schools as % of students in private school is considerable in India. As high literacy in urban area, parents/guardian can play important role in determining or maintaining good standard of education in private schools.
  • The Political will is always being an impediment in implementation of any act in India. The actual results of well designed act or policy are quite different from the purpose in India as per empirical evidences.
  • Example – Still after deadline of 31st march 2013 as given by SC, private schools are not following many of guidelines under RTE act such as playground, free education to weaker/disadvantaged sections, separate toilet for girls, drinking water facility etc. and some schools doesn’t have even information of basic rules/provisions of RTE act as per information provided by recent survey in Karnataka.
  • The budgeting and issuance of grants to private schools for purpose of free education, mid day meal etc. at regular intervals with adequate amount of money as per standard of private school is also a big hurdle in implementation of RTE act.


  • The govt shall add a provision related to quality of education or make a decentralized policy at grass root level with centralized control to improve quality of education.
  • The environment of scientific temper shall be created by changing marks oriented exam pattern or making necessary changes in curriculum or providing necessary course related training to teachers at periodic intervals.
  • The concept of SMC shall be introduced in private schools for better, transparent and scientific education system.
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