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Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Street Vendors Act |

Critical Analysis – Street Vendors Bill 2012

  • The undertaking given by person that no other means of livelihood is controversial because suppose any person employed as watchman can look for part time employment as a street vendor. So clause shall be subjected to things such as i/c of person, estimated i/c from applying vending business etc.
  • The obligations such as fee for certification, maintenance charges, to maintain public property/hygienic conditions etc. can be cause of breach of conditions by a street vendor because average daily income of street vendors is around Rs 70 as per survey and lead to harassment of vendors by officials. So, ultimately defeat the purpose of enactment of this act.
  • Less (almost negligible) participation of TVC/Stakeholders (vendors) while preparing street vending plan could defeat the purpose of enacting this law for safeguard of street vendors.
  • No time limit to issue certificate specified in the bill (but left on scheme) which may be cause of corruption. As one month suggested by standing committee but not included in the bill.
  • Not applicable for railways is another controversial clause because numbers of street vendors carrying out business in railways are quite large. So govt shall extend this bill to railways for protection of livelihood of street vendors from exploitation of police, private contractors etc.
  • There is no clause to impart training to representative of street vendors in TVC regarding knowledge of all type of vending business to gain maximum profit, as most of vendors are illiterate.
  • The Govt shall add provisions to safeguard interest of street vendors who are working on pleasure of some private owners or contractors.
  • The bill provides legal status to only street vendors of urban area not for rural areas. Nowadays in era of globalization lots of companies have setup in rural areas, so for inclusive growth legal status to street vendors of some big villages shall be provided.
  • The bill states that it will override all laws currently in force that can be a conflict with state laws which may be have better provisions such as in Chhattisgarh or Rajasthan state laws provide more powers to TVC to prepare street vending plan etc.
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