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Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Street Vendors Act |

Street Vendors Bill (Part II)

Rights & Duties of Street Vendor

  • Every street vendor contain certificate has right to carry out business as per terms & conditions.
  • Every vendor has duty to:-
    • Keep clean and maintain hygienic conditions;
    • Maintain civic amenities/public properties in vending zone.
    • Pay periodic maintenance charges as determined by local authority.
    • Remove his goods/wares if occupies space on time sharing basis.

Relocation and Eviction

  • The local authority can relocate a vendor in case of declaring any zone to non-vending zone for public purpose and evict by cancellation of certificate (as recommended by TVC) by giving 30 days notice.
  • In case of non compliance with notice, local authority can physically remove vendor, can fine on daily rent basis up to Rs. 250 and can seize goods/wares as per conditions specified in scheme. But vendor can reclaim goods by paying fees as specified.

Dispute Redressal, Harassment & Penalty

  • Every appropriate govt shall create 1 or more committees which contain a Chairperson (civil judge) and 2 professionals have such experience but no employee of appropriate govt/local authority shall be appointed as members.
  • Every vendor who has a dispute with decision of TVC etc. can complaint to committee and can appeal against decision of committee to local authority as may be prescribed.
  • Every street vendor shall be prevented from harassment by specially police or authority exercising powers under any other law for time being in force.
  • If any street vendor breaches any condition specified under this act or scheme specified shall be liable for penalty for each offence max of Rs 2000 as determined by local authority.


  • Every local authority shall prepare a Street Vending Plan with consultation of planning authority and on recommendation of TVC as per First Schedule once in 5yrs and submit for approval to appropriate govt.
  • The appropriate govt may take promotional measures for easy availability of credit, insurance and other welfare schemes in consultation with TVC, vendor unions etc.
  • The provisions of this act have overriding effect on every law which is currently in force.
  • The appropriate govt shall frame a Scheme for purpose of this act within 6 months of commencement of this act after due consultations with local authority and TVC by notification.
  • The appropriate govt has power to make rules and to amend schedules specified under this act.
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