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Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in SABLA |

SABLA – Objectives and Services

The SABLA aims at empowering Adolescent Girls (AGs) of 11 to 18 yrs by improving their nutritional and health status, up gradation of home skills, life skills and vocational skills. The SABLA is known as Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG-SABLA). The SABLA shall replace two existing schemes Kishori Shakti Yojana (KSY) & Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG). The scheme introduced in year of2010-11 in 200 districts on pilot basis.


  • Enable Self Development and empowerment of AGs.
  • Promote awareness among AGS about health, hygiene, nutrition, reproductive & sexual health, family and child care.
  • Inform and guide AGS about existing public services such as post office, banks, police station etc.
  • Improve nutrition level and health status.
  • Awareness about benefits of education and focus on out school girls to impart education.
  • Improve their home based skills, life skills and teach them vocational skills.

Targeted Groups

  • The scheme cover all female or AGs of age b/w 11-18 yrs and further subdivided into two groups of 11-15 & 15-18.
  • The SABLA scheme focuses on all out of school AGs who shall assemble at Anganwari centres (AWC) as per time table as decided by state/UTs. The others (i.e. school going girls) shall meet at AWC twice a month at AWC or more frequently once in a week during  vacations to receive benefits or skills as covered in scheme.


  • Nutrition – The AGs shall be given Supplementary Nutrition containing 600 calories, 18-20 gm of proteins and micronutrients per day for 300 days in a year. The cost of nutrition shall be Rs 5/day/beneficiary and Govt of India shall incur up to 50% of cost.
  • IFA (Iron Folic Acid) Supplementation –the state shall provide 100 adult tablets (250mcg) per year to each beneficiary with convergence of programme implemented by ministry of health & family welfare. The state shall provide IFA tablets under SABLA if not provided by any other scheme.
  • Health check up & Referral Services
    • There shall be a routine check up of all AGs at least once in 3months on a special day called Kishori Diwas.
    • The height & weight shall be recorded in Health Card as well as Body Mass Index (BMI).
    • The Medical officer shall provide de-worming tablets to AGs if necessary. The girls shall be referred for special treatment to Hospitals/PHC by Medical officer if required.
  • Nutrition & Health Education (NHE) – The NHE shall be given to each AG at AWC by ICDS & Health department or by any trained person from NGO or Community based Organizations (CBO). The education may be related to following issues:-
    • Health – Puberty & related changes, sanitation, yoga, myths, first aid etc.
    • Nutrition – Hygienic or healthy cooking, hand wash, nutrition deficient disorders etc.

The ICDS or health dept shall organize Health Mela, GD’s, quizzes etc. at AWC to impart NHE to AGs. Also organize some short courses and take necessary actions  on issues raised by AGs.

  • Guidance on Family Welfare, ARSH, Child Care and Home Management – The Age appropriate guidance shall be imparted to each AG on above issues with coordination of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  • Life Skill Education & Accessing Public Services – The basic aim of Life skill education is self development and basic contents of education are problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, communication skills etc. To create a healthy or safe environment, it is necessary that each woman must be aware how to access public services such as police station, their legal or fundamental rights (RTI, RTE etc.), health centres, safe travelling using reservations etc.
  • Vocational Training – Each AG above 16 yrs (especially out of school girls) shall be given Vocational Training on at least one trade skill for self or wage employment. The State/UTs shall in convergence with or can open Skill Development Centers (SDC) under National Skill Development Programme (NSDP) at village levels to impart Vocational Training with coordination of Ministry of Labour & Employment.
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