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Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Politics |

Comment on Children’s Day

With due devotion the government observes and solemnly celebrates Jawaharlal’s birth day as Children’s day every year as a government function by allocating funds through various departments for the purpose.

So far we have celebrated and wasted public money in this. Should this continue or will the government be allowed by us, to carry on its programmes as before?

Most people now, worry more than those in power, over the image of Gandhi-Nehru before the world community and are not unable to digest any adverse effect because of the declassification. They worry a lot because that we may be forced to tell different versions about them quite contrary to what we have been telling for the last seven decades.

My point is only when a crime is detected, the search for the criminal will start. The crime may a theft, a murder, a scam or any other financial misappropriation. As long as the crime story is solved, the criminal may enjoy a social status naturally and unless or until the role of the suspect is established the person/s involved in a crime may be called a suspect, when the needle of suspicion is turned towards one and once the trial is started, the same suspect will be called with the specific name as accused only.

With regard to the Mystrery files of Netaji, both Gandhi and Nehru are now viewed by the people as that of accused in the conspiracy or as parties to the conspiracy. Since, we have been telling the whole world, that Gandhi-Nehru won the freedom for the country during all these years, there is no compulsion on our part to stick on to the same theory. If the same yardstick is applied, no accused can be tried in a Court of Law. Because of such elevation and provision of shields to all those getting elected in our democracy, several corrupt politicians and high level scamsters are enjoying a special status in the society, easily enjoying popularity and are being held in high esteem by the media, even the Court is scared of awarding any punishment to them.

Because of such a socio-political scenario in the country, the demand to declassify the Mystery files are not being taken up by any political party in the country as they do not like to hold the demand as a policy matter. Both the print and electronic media are not interested in making such a demand because it will neither make a hit in the newsstands nor will improve their TRP ratings. But speaking anything against either Gandhi or Nehru is being considered as a blasphemy by the media moghuls and the intelligentsia, because a strong myth had been created by the vested interests and the same got established during these seven decades. At the same time, the same sections consider it a taboo to discuss about Netaji.

We do not know anything about the matters concealed in the files . And we too have a democratic right to tell the government in unequal terms that we are not for the imposition of Gandhi-Nehru anymore at our cost and are not willing to carry them over our shoulders.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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