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Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Politics |

Communist are enjoying a cushion called media.

Nothing to boast

The CPI ( M) has nothing to boast for its performance in the Kerala elections.  The voters in Kerala has wanted to teach a lesson to the corruption ridden ruling UDF headed by Mr. Oomen  Chandy and the CPI (M) was seen as the only alternative.  

Had it been an open alliance with the Cong(I) in West Bengal, the CPI (M) preferred to covertly supported it and taken the support of it in some crucial constituencies.  The alliance in WB, helped the congress to gain 44 seats there and the CPI (M) has finished with a poor 26 seats.

In his article, “Marxists lost connection with the masses”  in The New Indian Express dt: 21-05-2016, the author of the article Mr. Raul Chanda has well discussed the causes for the poor show of the Marxists in WB.

Among them, the Nandigram episode which created an strong impression then is still remaining in the memory of the voters, the reluctance of the party in taking up a clear position on the Sharda Scam, the luxurious life style of both the leader and the cadre, the non co-operation of the congress workers at the root level and who were victimized during the regime of the Left and remain frightened over the arrogance and are yet to come out of the fear psychosis as reasons for the debacle of the Left in general and the CPI ( M) in particular.

The party which could gain seats to form a government in the state on its own strength in the year 1977, has been decimated to a mere 26  seats despite its repeat performances without any break for a whopping 34 years.

The disconnect between the masses and the party has caused extensive damage to the party.  The staunch followers of the Marxists did not tow the party line, says the author.

Similarly, the CPI (M) which cannot do any wonder in Kerala, has capitalized on the anti-incumbency factor in Kerala and reaped the negative votes.

The clipping  from the Theekathir, the party organ in Tamil, says that the media played major role for the success of the LDF  in Kerala.  The media has always projected the communists as a force to reckon with and it is not new.  Even in Tamil Nadu, where the communist big brother could gain only 0.8 % votes and the small brother can get 0.6 % votes, they find a place in the news editions and unfailingly offered a seat in the discussions in the visual media.

Any how, the cat is out of the bag.  The Marxist party accepts that it could man a come back only with media support who created polarization of votes.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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