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Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Politics |

Crorepati Comrades

Combined assets of Com.V.S. Achuthananthan and his wife is only Rs.15.50 crores.  Combined assets of Com. Pinnarayi Vijayan and wife is about Rs. 107 crores. The party leaders said to represent the working class should think about this.  The cadres who reside in thatched houses and are contended with gruel as their food should think about their plight and realize how they serve as steps of a  ladder enabling their beloved leaders to climb to astonishing heights.

Son of an ordinary mason Com. Pinnarayi Vijayan, son of a farm labor Com. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who are doing no job or business and have been in public life alone are able to send their wards to prestigious institutions in India and abroad which needs hefty amounts for fees and sustenance to complete the courses.  They get easy access to higher education institutions.

Com. Ravi Pillai’s son is working as the top executive in a leading business empire in the Middle East.  Sitar am yechuri’s daughter Akhila Yechuri could complete her education in Britain and become a faculty in the St. Andrews university in England. The daughter on Com. Pinnarayi Vijayan could complete her Ph.D., in the US and his son on completion of his stairs in the US found it easy to be in the top post of a multi-national company there itself.

The comrades who are able to send their wards for education in institutions like Cambridge,  Buckingham and other world famous institutions are advising the sons and daughters of their followers to engage in strikes, dharnas, hartals and train them in vandalism, best up their teachers and train them to insult them by digging graves for the teachers who impart education.

All the leaders who took communism to the nook and corner of Kerala have become millionaires.  But the cadres who do not know anything other than shouting Zindabad slogans to greet their leaders, are also not aware that they are serving only as a stepping stone enabling their beloved leaders to reach astonishing heights.

The leaders think they are born to enjoy the choicest things in life and the cadres are born to remain in thatched sheds and should remain contended with gruel if not porridge.  The leaders have kept with them the art of making crores for themselves.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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