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Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Delhi |

AAP Funding Scam – Complete coverage with Modi comments

Now the so called most honest or transparent political party (i.e. AAP) in terms of funding as claimed by themselves is under scrutiny for taking illicit money for their election spending. Their former closed ones AVAM (Aam Aadmi Volunteers and Action Manch) put serious allegations on funding of AAP and makes it AAP Funding Scam or hawala at midnight. Let us look what is the issue which makes difficult for AAP to face this question in front of media.

  1. Four companies, which donate money to AAP, are not doing any business and donate 5o lakh each.
  2. All these 4 companies donates equal amount of money at same date and time.


  1. The bogus address is provided for each company and even address location is either unauthorized colonies or slums. These addresses are cross checked by many news channels but do not find anything.


  1. The name and address of companies are – a) Sun Vision Agencies Pvt Ltd & G-8 Gokul Puri, b) Infolos Software Pvt Ltd & Shop No 2 Village Vakoli, c) Goldmine Buildcon Pvt Ltd & A-2 Mukund Vihar and d) Skyland Metal Pvt Ltd & AF-146 Palam Vihar.

The AAP replies that how we can know that people who are donating either white or black. And also says that we take every single pie of money through cheques which means money is white. But AVAM comes with reply that how black money in cash can be converted into white by issuing cheque and many companies are doing this business in secret and same method is adopted by AAP to make money white. They also alleged Ashish Khetan for misbehavior with their own party member Karan Singh who is now with AVAM to disclose AAP funding scam. BJP calls this AAP Funding Scam as Hawala at Midnight and PM Modi says that first time black money transfers in the black or dark time of midnight.

Also AAP questions timing of this allegation and accusing BJP for this kind of aarop pratyarop politics rather than issue based one. But BJP denied it completely and demand a reply from AAP on this illicit funding from bogus companies. PM Modi takes on AAP with his style and says that rather than giving reply they are accusing BJP for donating 2 Cr black money to AAP and praise art of making lie.

Here one question comes in light why this news is trending in every type of media either Print, Electronic or Social media. The answer is that AAP used to put blame on other political parties and demand answers from them on the issue of funding or donation. Also AAP many times claims that they are much transparent and honest than any other party in India. But this time Inspite of giving counter reply with evidences, AAP or Kejriwal is making a statement that we are ready for any investigation which other parties used to make when AAP put blames on them. PM Modi makes a statement that who has information about illegal Swiss bank a/c numbers of other people does not know who is donating money to his party.

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