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Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Delhi |

AAP is winning and BJP is losing ground in Delhi Battle – 10 Reasons

Till the declaration of dissolution of Delhi Assemble in Nov 2014, AAP is winning Delhi elections day by day and BJP is losing the ground of Delhi. This is even proved by comparison of opinion polls of different channels which shows that BJP was winning 40 to 45 seats in Nov and now slips to 28 – 33 or even less than 25. Whereas AAP was getting only 15 – 20 seats in Nov and now moves to 30 – 35 or even above 40 in some polls.

  1. Die hard election campaign by AAP after knowing that they are going to fight Modi lead BJP is one of the prominent reasons that AAP is winning in all opinion polls for upcoming Delhi elections.
  2. Kejriwal was there in media for almost last one month either directly or indirectly as every party or person especially BJP is targeting him rather than issue based campaign. Exactly what was happen in Lok Sabha elections for Modi and BJP gets full majority.
  3. Poorly designed election campaign of BJP where BJP was not spreading agenda of development but focus on one person i.e. Kejriwal. BJP is asking daily 5 questions from Kejriwal but not provide manifesto for Delhi and i think BJP shall ask questions from public about problems rather than from AAP.
  4. Multi dimension election campaign strategy of AAP such as Delhi dialogue, Aggrawal Jati Card or SC/ST card rather than just focus on Lokpal or corruption.
  5. The freebies offer such as electricity, water, house, wifi is one of the bigger plus point for AAP as Modi lead BJP is against any of freebies and lower class voters have no choice other than Kejriwal as congress is almost out of competition.
  6. The AAP or Kejriwal has done huge amount of spending on this election as compared to previous one which may again prove that you can’t win election without enough money. I can say that AAP, which spent only around Rs 20 Cr, has spent almost more than 100 Cr in Delhi Elections 2015 and this may be bigger or closer to BJP election spending. This is also one of reason why AAP doesn’t make any allegation on BJP or INC in this election for spending too much in elections.
  7. There was some anti incumbency against BJP as there was president rule in Delhi from last 1 Yr and BJP was ruling in the centre from last 8 months.
  8. There was no strong leader in Delhi either in BJP or Congress as compare to Arvind Kejriwal who has already made his identity as a national leader and very famous on social media.
  9. Innovative campaign strategy of AAP such as door to door by AK or other AAP leaders, Dance for Democracy (D2D) a new style of nukkad sabha, Muffler Man Returns or so on.
  10. Last but not least, entry of Kiran Bedi makes some damage to BJP as volunteers or age old leaders took it as a insulting move by national cadre of party.

As of now, there is no doubt that AAP should win in this election for betterment of Indian Politics but actual situation will be clear only after they come in power. However, AAP uses some conventional or age old strategies such as freebies or Jati but still we have to give standing ovation to Kejriwal who fought with a great courage against most famous Modi lead BJP at its peak time. Also i will give salute to courage of Modi, who knows that they are going to lose elections, but still doing rallies in last times of election and taking responsibility of elections without taken care of downfall of his image.

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