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Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 in Delhi |

BJP Questions AAP – New Developments in Delhi Elections

In the last week of Delhi Elections, now BJP adopted a new strategy to win Delhi after failure or chances of failure of many previous ones. Under this new one, BJP has started asking 5 questions daily from AAP or Kejriwal till the elections and just a replica of AAP or Kejriwal strategy to remain in media daily or nothing else. Now let us look at BJP’s 10 questions for AAP till the date.

  1. Why did Kejriwal take a U turn on the promise of not ever taking support from Congress ?
  2. Why did Kejriwal betray his promise of setting inquiry against Sheila Dixit after becoming CM ?
  3. Why did Kejriwal take Z+ security as CM, after claiming he will always live like an ‘Aam Aadmi’ ?
  4. Why did Kejriwal start using big official cars after coming in a metro train to take oath as CM ?
  5. Why did Kejriwal travel in business class to collect voluntary donations for his party ?
  6. AAP’s own website shows that its volunteers are calling Delhi voters from Pak, Bangladesh & Dubai. What kind of collaboration is this ?
  7. EC website shows that AAP has still not declared its expenses for 2014 LS elections ? Why not ? What is it hiding ? Shady funding from Dubai ?
  8. Is not AAP an anti women party, best exemplified by Kejriwal’s associate Somnath Bharti ? Thus all women leaders associated with it have left ?
  9. Does Kejriwal respect institutions or is it as per his convenience, one day disrespecting courts, another day disrespecting election commission ?
  10. Why has Kejriwal gone silent on Lokayukta ? Why did he allow his ally Congress to dilute Uttarakhand strong Lokayukta act brought by BJP ?

BJP is also asking (Q 5+1) from AAP that does Kejriwal think that Delhi voters are for sale. However, BJP said that some of the questions are old ones but public doesn’t receive any answer from AAP till now. The AAP accusing that these are childish questions put up by BJP for them and everyone knows the answers of these questions. I think BJP questions AAP such as respect of constitutional institutions because they many times claim all are corrupt or something else.

It is very difficult to understand why super strategist or master mind of BJP (here I am talking about Amit Shah) has chosen this kind of plan for Delhi. I think it is very early to predict anything about this move of master mind and we have to wait for result of most interesting elections of the current times to make any opinion or judgement.

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