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Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 in Delhi |

How Kejriwal Win in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 will help to change Indian Politics ?



Nowadays, Capital of India and Indian Politics having most awaited elections i.e. Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 and mood is swinging on two sides either BJP or AAP but here we will discuss about how AAP can change Indian politics if get majority in coming Delhi Assembly Elections 2015.

India is a diverse country with various cultures or religions or languages and it is generally said that in India culture or language of people change after every 30 – 40 kms or may be lesser. So our politics is very much influenced by caste or cultures of local people. Also various age old customs of our religion affect politics such as Dalit (SC) or Aadivasi (ST) and some created by politics itself such as OBC are part of elections in our country.

This age old caste or custom based Indian Politics needs to be changed to take our country at next level which already started taken place after development model of Modi. But still a strong party from bottom is required to do so that is not even expected from AAP as only topmost leaders follow issued based politics.

To show the country that a leader can be beaten at its best times (here I am talking about ‘Modi’) by issue based, honest and some different politics. As we have seen that in Lok Sabha and four assembly elections, BJP gain more than 100% and even better as in Haryana they get 47/90 in comparison to only 4 in previous elections and reason is only Modi. But Kejriwal or AAP already shows that you can fight with any big leader because BJP is now fighting on name of Bedi not Modi.

Here I would to like to put light on some innovative election campaign styles of AAP which is already making a quite significant impact on Indian politics such as door to door campaign etc. The new form of nukkad sabha or dancing campaign style of AAP called Dance for Democracy (D2D) is very different and attracting youth at large number. Panch saal Kejriwal song and some innovative tagline campaign of Modi (बहुत हुई महंगाई मार अबकी बार मोदी सरकार) are very much changing styles of doing politics in India.

In the era of Internet, social media is a very effective and cheap method to reach people at ground level. The AAP is doing very well on social media and I can say that Kejriwal/AAP are just behind Modi/BJP which is very worrying situation for all age old political parties of India. Recent “Muffler Man” social media campaign of AAP remain trending for about 15 to 20 days and result of that muffler which was an element of joke becomes an identity mark for Kejriwal (simply impressing). So AAP and Kejriwal have power to reform social media as a strong platform for making public opinion and converting it into votes.

Survival of AAP and Kejriwal is very much dependent on win in next Delhi assembly elections because if they will lose their ground in Delhi then other country will not accept AAP or Kejriwal. But to convert static politics into dynamic one because we need more issue oriented and energetic party or leaders like AAP or Modi.

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