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Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in Delhi |

A few reasons of major defeat of BJP in Delhi

Delhi is Parasite State that depends on other states and mainly on center for its survival. Not single bowl of water and not a single volt of electricity, is being generated hete. Even Delhi is getting taxes, it cannot spend a single thousand rupees without the permission of center being a Union Territory area. Always Congress or BJP ruled in Delhi. The latter for a quite short time.

But BJP always had more than 24 MLAs. There are more than 3000 unapproved and illegal colonies in Delhi in 65 out of 70 constituencies out of which only 895 are listed in the approval list that need 8 stamped approvals. Congres had provided 4 stamps and recently Modi cabinet provided 5 stampped approval. Other authorities who have to stamp approval are Rajya Sabha, Delhi Vidhan Sabha, and CM. Being unapproved there is no registry of sale or purchase or rent of houses and shops. All owners have to use unauthorized Power of Attorney approved by Notary Public but these has no legal valuea. There is no system of Water, Sewer, and Roads. MLAs has to spend their money not only to build these civic infrastructure but also to finance property dealers to construct cheap buildings so that middle class can get cheap flats. All buildings being constructed in unapproved colonies are completely illegal henceforth MLAs has to bd a part of builder mafia. If n numbers of building has to be created a MLA or MP of that constituency has to finance that project then force government to put that colony in approval list. Labour class in that area got increased and regular incomes.

BJP MP and MLA never supported this all Builder Mafia and illegal constructions, those BJP lost votes of Builders, seller of building materials, labours, and middle class people who buy these flats.

As per residents BJP MLAs who used to Preside that constituency for more than 5 to 10 years never built a single road nor laid pipe of one meter for water connection. A MLA or MP will create civic infrastructure in an illegal colony only when he had financed builder mafia there so that his black money investment increases.

Congress always did such tasks but scams of UPA 2 brought it down. Then all ex-congressmen shifted to AAP and today you are seeing AAP getting 67 seats because of Parallel Black Economy of Unapproved Colonies.
On top of it, local BJP candidates always dream of being CM and pull chairs of their colleagues by disclosing their dirty secrets to AAP. Viewing it Kiran Bedi who joined BJP to become Lt. Governor had to become CM candidate and few parachute candidates of other parties have to be called. Being angered local cadre of BJP, local candidate, and so called guardians of BJP, all played a plan that led to major defeat of BJP.

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