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Posted by on May 21, 2016 in Politics |

Index of Opposition Unity

When the congress was powerful in all the states, various political parties vied with each other but repeatedly failed to defeat the congress. When the opposition parties united the congress failed in the elections when opposition unity was tried in several states. When the major opposition parties like the Cong (O) Jan Sangh, Lok Dal got united after merger in 1977 the congress (I) was simply wiped out of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat etc.

When the Bofors issue surfaced, the opposition could not achieve anything against Rajiv Gandhi who had a brutal majority in parliament. Again the need for Opposition Unity was felt and the Cong (I) was removed out of office in 1989.
On both the above occasions there was a need to remove the tyrannical regimes of the dynasty. Opposition unity had a purpose and principle. If it was the redemption of democracy in 1977, booking the culprits in Bofors scandal was the main reason placed before the electorate in 1989. Of course, V P Singh failed miserably in finding out the truth. Subsequent Cong (I) regimes ensured the safety of the Dalal Quottorechhi who incidentally a relative of Sonia Gandhi. And during the tenure of UPA, Dr.Manmohan Singh released his commission amount gained by him unlawfully in a London Bank, which was frozen with the initiative taken by Mr.A B Vajpayee during the days of NDA.

Now the anti-BJP forces are rejoicing in a big manner as if they have defeated the BJP at the all India level. The Cong (I) which is having no roots in Bihar has gained considerably because of the alliance. Actually the BJP stands reduced in its seat share by 50% but has increased its vote strength. So, the argument that the people of Bihar have rejected the party will not hold water.

It is the simple arithmetical calculation. Nitish has gained because of the alliance, through his percentage has gone down. In an alliance when the number of seats are reduced naturally it will reflect in the poll percentage. Lalloo’s MY concept (Muslim-Yadav vote bank) is intact and with the addition of JD (U) and the faceless Cong(I) the alliance has staged a come back.

The award wapasi can not be a reason for the rout. Ordinary voter in Bihar has got nothing to do with the awards or its wapasi. It is only for the electronic media who made business with that.

If Bihar results are considered as a dissatisfaction of the common man against the intolerance, how the BJP is able to make impressive wins in the local body polls in Kerala in the local body polls where there is a tri-cornered contest between the LDF and UDF? Both the fronts have a bandwagon of parties with them. Can we say that the people in the state of Kerala, which has achieved 100 % literacy have approved the intolerance?

In the case of Cong (I) at times of poll reversals, the party will immediately issue a ready made statement to stress that wrong candidate selection as the main reason for a poll debacle. The same media which used to accept such reports if from the Cong (I) will not accept the same if it comes from the BJP.

Is Bihar results a warning to the BJP?

Yes. The finance minister has miserably failed miserably to reach the common man. And so the Railway ministry. The U-Turn taken by the government in the case of the black money was not forgotten by the common man who had a fond hope in bringing back the money parked in foreign banks.

The central cabinet has to perform, answer and address to the problems of the people. Merely going by the theory or following the same foot steps of the previous regime will only create dissatisfaction among the common man.
Announcement of schemes will never attract the public.

After the poll debacle in Bihar, the PM is consulting with the ministry and reports of some reforms are coming out. Again it is from the successful finance minister, who is yet to recognize that theory and practice are two different entities.

The Prime Minister before the 2014 general elections was eloquent about all the scams committed during the UPA I and II. But soft pedaling in all the corruption cases by the NDA government also do not go unnoticed by the voter.

MPs and other leaders should have been advised properly to speak only the party line. There too, the party has failed to control.

The BJP government has also not moved any stone in the OROP as promised.

Above all, the PM adopted dilly dallying in the case of the Mystery files of Netaji. He has started issuing varied opinions over that forgetting the promise he had made before the general elections. As a result people has started speculating over whose skin the prime minister is trying to save whether Gandhi, Nehru or Patel.

Had the declassification been ordered as promised, the BJP could have made an impressive show in WB in the civic body polls. Even if an order had been issued simultaneously with Mamata Banerjee public confidence could have been gained. That was also not done. Both the above failures have been taken advantage of the Gandhi-Nehru di-nasty.

To sum, the refusal to declassify the files has saved the skins of the members of the Nehru family.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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