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Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Riot Politics |

Why to study riots?


Even though a lot of scholars had already addressed the riots problem in India and even spent their precious time of life to conduct research, still as a newbie the author have selected this topic not only to introduce myself to this serious topic but also to make an honest try to find out a solution. I don’t know what will be the impact of my study which will be based on second and third party sources instead of the direct first part resources.


The main problem is to find the reason behind the riots. India has a history of the different kinds of riots that occur because of different reasons such as hating one other’s religion, initiating a violence after a small incident or fighting between two persons/group, rioting agitated by the politicians and non-availability of food for the masses. Why did the riots take place frequently at the same place, in the same city, and the same state? Is there any place in a city which did not face any violence when other parts of the same city were burning? How politicians influence the rioting? How one can minimize the rioting? Is there any solution to the rioting in the present circumstances? If yes, then how?


Do you know one of the main reasons to provide the independence to India and to partition it was rioting? If no strong step has been taken place to minimize and stop the rioting based on religion, communal, caste, and food; tomorrow there can be a home war in India, of which results can be dangerous. With every riot, the humanity suffers a lot in the country. If we will not take any step today then tomorrow our future generations will suffer. Who knows when a violence takes birth against a community, a religion, or even a group sleeping silently and earning peacefully.

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