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Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Politics |

Tamil Nadu Political Climate

Let new winds blow

Ms. Jayalalitha, has created history by staging a come back, by winning the elections for the second consecutive term.  Though she has lost certain seats, after MGR, she alone could achieve it.  In spite of allegations of distribution of money, the election process could be completed peacefully without any violence.

We cannot blame any one single party for money flow.  This one was a general election without any violence, the state has ever seen. In that aspect it was unique really.  With regard to money distribution,  in our state, the same can be possible only if there is a ceasefire between the two Dravidian majors.  Other small political parties also have tried that option selectively.  The results only prove that, the state has endorsed their faith in Jayalalitha’s leadership.

Though the ruling party lost more than 25 seats it held earlier, the opposition DMK could regain the same strength of 89 seats it held during 2006-11, when it headed the government with the support of the congress.  In that aspect none of the are losers.  After all electoral politics is a game of numbers. And both have to remain contended to strengthen democracy.

As she has captured power again, we can ensure, that there won’t be any vindictive measures against the opposition.  DMK’s heir apparent Mr. M.K. Stalin taking part in the swearing in ceremony is a good sign for smooth sailing of both the parties, and we can hope that Ms. Jayalalitha will also reciprocate the goodwill gesture.
Though Mr. Karunanidhi is the leader, mr. Stalin will function as the leader of the legislature party for all practical purposes.   Ms . Jayalalitha has made a lot of promises to the electorate and it will be an uphill task for her, given the red alerts indicating the bad resource condition of the state exchequer.

The ruling party members can not simply end their duties with the thumping of the desks and the opposition also cannot finish off their job by resorting to walk outs.  Both have purposeful duties and responsibilities.  With a record number of larger seats as 89 in the assembly, the DMK  has more responsibilities.

The peculiar condition of the state politics is it used to revolve around two personalities. Earlier it was between MGR and Karunanidhi and since 1989, it is a fight between Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi.  Appreciation should go to them both as they have paved a way for a near direct fight between the two and the minor players who were hovering around here and there switching over their loyalties every now and then, as each of them have ultimately known their real strength.  It is high time for both the parties to give importance to policies and programs rather than the politics of personalities.

The chief minister has announced reduction of the timings of TASMAC shops with immediate effect,  and some concessions in power consumption etc., and all these could be made possible only with the active support of the opposition.

This election results will be considered as a guidebook by any politician, who misuse and abuse the legal provisions permitted under the multi-party democratic system, should think thrice before opening up a bargaining counter.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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