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Posted by on Jul 9, 2016 in Politics |

Treatment of Nawaz Sharif

Mr. Nawaz Sharif,  has gone to London for treatment.  Some friends in the social media blame the prime minister, that,  as if, he has missed the opportunity by not inviting him to India for treatment in AIIMS.

When, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was ailing in his last days of life, he preferred to have medical care in India.  The then prime minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi immediately rushed a medical team in a chartered flight to get the frontier Gandhi, and ordered for all facilities in a Bombay hospital.  No one knows, how it brought about a change in the attitude of Pakistan after the medical assistance provided by India, to the last well wisher in Pakistan for peaceful Indo-Pak relations.

More than a decade ago, a girl Noor Fatima needed a heart surgery and came to Mumbai.  Usually, the private hospitals in the country,  try to extract from the patients mercilessly from the ailing patients, courtesy, the ever aloof Heath departments.

One such hospital came to know about the arrival of the ten year old girl from Pakistan.  Immediately, it invited the parents to theirs in Bangalore, at their cost and conducted free surgery and also provided post surgery treatments all for free and sent them back.  One English daily, “The Hindu” came out with an edit, with the caption, “Noor ‘s effect” on the very next day hailing the goodwill gesture of the private hospital and confirmed that the friendly ties between India and Pakistan will improve a lot.  Of course, the gesture of the private hospital registered some improvement.  Many a patient from Pakistan started landing in Mumbai air port to avail free treatment in india.  Indian government was also dreaming that peace will prevail in the borders.

But the reality was quite different.  After some time, Pakistan stepped up cross border terrorism and pumped in more terrorists, drugs, counterfeit currency notes etc.,.  The goodwill gesture by the private hospitals only created this type of side effect.

During the same period of time, them PM Mr. Vajpayee offered to offer a bungalow for parvez Musharraf in New Delhi, preferably, the one wher he was born.  Vajpayee’s invitation to another head ache, was not taken by him, seriously.

We know, what was the reaction to the surprise visit by Mr. Narendra Modi.  The reaction was seen amply seen in Pathankot.

From the Noor effect, we have not learnt any lesson.  ‘ Nawaz effect’ will also be different in any way.

The leaders should be sagacious in their approach in external affairs and be more cautious  in the case of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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