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Truth of Netaji

Truth of Netaji

I felt writing this article having read one particular write-up in the column of a Bengali daily named Eisamay (published by Times Of India Group) on 27/4/15…..see the URL:

Therein, the gist of that article depicting as if ‘Netaji was bit reckless, arrogant, hard spoken’ whereas in the same context Nehru has been projected as ‘very soft spoken, amicable, connoisseur ’. There are some other implications also, which are required to be discussed in details. Without knowing the true history we may not be able to evaluate and meanwhile some misguiding and vilifying articles will carry on representing distorted facts regarding our FATHER OF PATRIOTISM, GODFATHER OF NATION in the print / electronic media.

Already, I tried hard to produce fitting reply to one of the article published in TOI sometimes back by one Manimugdha S Sharma (dated: Apr 19, 2015). (URL:

Our avid Netaji-Activists: Mr. Anuj Dhar & Mr. Chandrachur Ghosh also produced their commendable articles. I have a special mention for Mr. Sen Joseph for his nicely authored article on OMABC.COM. But there laying our duty also to develop something tangible !!!

Let us get back to history: Whether Netaji became a believer in fascism ? Not at all, there are numerous evidences [Ref.1]. In 1938 while talking to Mr Rajani Pam Dutta (in London) he shared “after independence next step will be the socialism”[Ref.2]. He met Mussolini several occasions, but met Hitler only once and after a long time during 1942-8th May [Ref.2]. Hitler was never sympathiser for Indian freedom struggle, his version was: “British Imperialism is not much bad (for India)!! else, it has established ‘power equilibrium’ in Asia”. Mr. Lothar Francke stated that Subhas didn’t have any fascination about Hitler, but had great respect for the German race. In 1936 he (NSCB) wrote a letter to Mr. Thierfelder (a German Aerial Warfare Branch Ace) “the new nationalism of Germany is not only narrow and selfish but arrogant.”[Ref.2] Netaji didn’t like the Gandhi–Irwin (Lord Irwin- Viceroy of India-1931) Pact signed on 05-March-1931. Another incidence made him disconsolate: Hanging of ‘martyr’ Bhagat Singh. Some confusion is there that if Gandhi implored Irwin at all to revoke the order of prosecution !! Due to that, in Karachi Congress (1931) young activists (excluding Subhas Chandra) produced ‘black’ garlands to Gandhi !! [Ref.2]

In 1937 after returning India from Europe, Netaji was nominated for ‘Rashtrapati’(president) post of Congress. With utter reluctance Gandhi accepted !! In 1938 at Haripura Congress Netaji gave a remarkable speech where a unprecedented economic restructuring, planning and schemes were discussed lucidly. But in 1939, at Tripuri Congress, that famous tragedy happened —–thanks to that…………from there only our most revered ‘Netaji’ started his new career for becoming an all time GREAT.[Ref.2]
Gandhi was acting as a ‘Dictator’ by then !! In 22-Feb-1939, 12 members resigned from the working committee and afterwards Nehru also did the same. Gandhi didn’t actually behaved as ‘Mahatma’. Couldn’t it was possible to construct a ‘Composite cabinet’ comprising of both the groups ?? Actually Gandhi was strictly unbending about his leadership !! In 17th August’1939, then president (of Congress ) Rajendra Prasad declared Subhas Chandra ‘rebellious’ officially!!! [Ref.2]

Friends you tell us: Was this treatment from Congress (Gandhi, Nehru, Patel) justifiable to Subhas Chandra Bose ??
In this context it is worth mentioning about one Britisher (who dared to spoke of an ultimate truth about Gandhi): Michael Edwardes in ‘The Last Years of British India’ (Pub. Cassell-London-1963) said: “As long as Gandhi was in control of Congress, they (the British) know they had on ally. As long as civil disobedience remained non-violent, it did not greatly worry the Government.”
So, what was the role of Nehru during 1939? One letter of Subhas Chandra to his nephew Amiya Nath Bose unveiled everything : “Nobody has done more harm to me personally and our cause in this crisis than Pandit Nehru.”  Simply, Netaji was victimised and its happening still after 68 years of independence, this legacy was initiated by the ‘shoot’ diplomats named Gandhi, Nehru & Patel.

Until now, is it not clear to us that what kind of ‘fishing was going on in muddy water’ ??  But by then, Subhas Chandra opened his eyes widely towards Kabul, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Rangoon….. and the ‘NETAJI’ was about to born in the far of south-east Asia.

Netaji on German U-Boat (Submarine) (He travelled towards 400 Miles southwest of Madagascar for catching Japanese Submarine, the entire journey took 3/4 months (approx) (1943-Feb To June) to reach Sumatra (Indonesia). What a tremendous patriotism !!!)

Friends you can see, how mammoth was his field of activity…..he was an ‘International Citizen’ truly, he sacrificed his entire life to the feet of motherland, went to the utmost extent possible for freedom of his motherland but still, waiting for minimum homage from the Free Indian Government !!!

[1] Indian Struggle –By Subhas Chandra Bose
[2] Swadhinata Swangramee Bharateer Jatiya Congress (Bengali) (1885-1947) [Trans.: Indian National Congress in Struggle for Freedom] –By Amalesh Tripathi (An Eminent Indian Historian & Professor of History: Ex-HOD of History Dept.-Presidency College(University)-Kolkata, Ex-Sir Ashutosh Professor Chair-Calcutta University-Kolkata, UGC-Hon’ble Member & Dean)

Dr. Rupam Bhaduri
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Dr. Rupam Bhaduri

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