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Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Subhas Chandra Bose |

Rebuttal of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Wanted Dictatorship for 20 Years

Dear Manimugdha Sharma,
Kindly be informed that I have read your write-up mentioned thus, I have gone through it thrice dear friend and hence I noted down your points and am trying to make mine for your kind perusal and thought.

The issue discussed nowadays in national and even international media is not whether Netaji Subhas Bose was dictator or a democrat but that why Government of India allowed snooping on his family members for decades after the so-called air-crash in Taiwan and also why the GOI maintain in public spending hundreds of files on him till date.

rebuttal headline

Netaji has elaborated in his interview at London allowed to late Rajni Palme Dutt of British Communist Party centred in  England that what he meant in his book of the blend is not to be taken in as such, what he meant was that Indians have to be educated politically and awakened as a great nation out of sub-continent and as a slave entity for centuries, he wished to have a nation really on it;s foot and self respecting sinking anti-national traits and the lethargy involved, which is the only guarantee against loosing independence again once it is won

It was no only Netaji who have met Mussolini in Rome in 1935, but Mahatma Gandhi also who met the Italian dictatorship on his way to England to attend the Second Round Table Conference in 1931

The Military styled drill at Kolkata Congress session in 1928 and the procession with charriot drawn by 51 bulls and all is what is typical of any nation trying to make an impression, i hope you will not decry the modern Republic day parade and the subsequent all India tabloids which Nehruji and Indiraji also encouraged, Netaji initiated the like for future India in Kolkata, in Haripura, In East Asia, these are done to boost morale and inspire the youth, at Haripura, it was done with the sanction and blessings of the entire leadership and at Kolkata, the then Congress President, late Motilal Nehru was really impressed.

The Provisional Government of Free India was formed in October 1943 to upgrade the status of the national freedom struggle in east Asia, which eventually gained the official recognition of nine foreign nations out of which three modern day powers were also involved, namely Germany, Italy and Japan.The Congress Defence Committee headed by late great Bhulabhai Desai, once a severe critic of Netaji at the Historic Red Fort Trial in Nov 1945 and subsequently studied all captured documents of the said ARZI HUKUMAT-I-AZAD HIND and found it totally soverign and protective of all interests of 30 lakhs of Indians in east Asia, Shri.Desai was so impressed that his defence improved a lot and he hailed the Government formation to be the Magic wand that changed the course of Indian struggle on a foreign soil, earned respect and dignity, also that a revolutionary mass movement of course throughout the annals of Human History do possess an Armed vanguard and a Government to lead and take over and even to negotiate peace or surrender, Netaji put forth common slogans and greetings which were whole heartedly accepted by our nation, indeed he formed a Ministry for Women Affairs, first of that type in the whole modern democratic world

INA proclamation is true as is with all Armies on earth including Indian Army, treachery or sabotage is met with death in all modern nations, as of INA, they were heading a Freedom Struggle on a second Front and any sabotage will ruin the nation’;s destiny, hence strict Martial Law has to be enforced

Netaji’;s ideas of dictatorship is what not not those professed by the ruthless autocrats in Latin America or the modern day IS terrorists, his Minister for Press, Publicity and Propaganda, late S.A.Iyer has stated many times and n his book titled UNTO HIM A WITNESS, that Netaji was a DEMOCRAT AT HEART AND A DICTATOR IN EFFECT, in fact while a Cabinet meeting of the newly formed Government when Late Major General A.D.Loknathan, a mIlitary rep in the cabinet questioned Netaji’;s idea to declare War on U.S along with Britain, Netaji patiently explained out to him the reasons for his contention and at last created a consensus, late Col.P.K.Sehgal, who served as Military secretary to Netaji for some time had stated on record several times that the relationship that he had with Netaji was that of a CHELA WITH A GURU (disciple with a Teacher)

Netaji was loved and adored by all in East Asia, all the Indian there and even by the foreigners, he never signed any covenant with Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan, to subject to their imperialist designs, he was bothered of only diplomatic and Political support, he was counting on the influence that his efforts will make on the majority of youth inside India and the grand majority of 20 lakhs of Indians who were serving the British in all the three Armed divisions of the Military, on a mutiny of Indian soldiers under British Union Jack which actually happened in Feb 1946, and as per a secret ballot that British organised in the wake of INA Trial, almost 79 percent of them voted for the released of the INA HEROES and the British had to release them fearing mutiny also kindly be informed that international trade and political relations, no sane person goes by pious platitudes and liberalism, ideological hair splitting was a luxury for a slave nation, what mattered was freedom from foreign yoke and one’;s own real strength to safeguard the same

Finally let me make it clear that if we can accept similar events in the History of U.S, France, China, Soviet Union, Britain, etc, and give the status of Freedom fighters and liberators to all those great men like George Washington, Lenin and others, why can’;t we accept reality of Indian Political History of mid 20th century, if we cannot then we are blind to facts and are sycophants to the fake leaders of our National Freedom Struggle, we take the DUST to be STEEL, what a tragedy dear sir.


Sen Joseph
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Sen Joseph

Administrator at Public School, Kakkanad
Born on Jan 26th 1973 at Mumbai, brought up in Kerala, graduated in 1995, wrote and published a book in English on Netaji's disappearance titled MYSTERY OF NETAJ'S DEATH in 1999, was a close follower of late Prof.Samar Guha and has helped in collecting 113 VVIP signatures for late Guha's memorandum to the them PM Honourable President of India to re-open and conduct an expert level investigative inquiry into Netaji's disappearance in 1997 during the centenary year of Netaji, was employed in Delhi with a NGO since 2005 and joined MISSION NETAJI led by Anuj Dhar, was and is part of he RTI campaign for the truth to surface, have written and got published pamphlets, letter to editor, etc in English and in Malayalam between 1997 and 2015 on Netaji Subhas Bose's activities, Philosophy and his disappearance.
Sen Joseph
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