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Will Bollywood dare for NSCB as Hollywood created JFK?

NSCB is the initials for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose whereas JFK stands for John Fitzgerald Kennedy. NSCB was the Second President of this country, first being Mahendra Pratap of First Provisional Government of India in Exile founded on 1 December 1915 in Kabul Afghanistan. However, its term was shorter than its successor Aazad Hind Government founded by NSCB. Both of these Governments were indeed predecessors of the current Dominion Government of India.

John F Kennedy, popularly called as Jack Kennedy, was the 35th President of the United States. Lee Havey Oswald assassinated JFK when Kennedy was on a political tour in his motorcade in Dallas, Texas at 12:30pm on November 22, 1963. Two days after Jack Ruby killed Lee Havey Oswald before a trial began. As usual, an investigation committee (named Warren Commission) was setup after Dallas Police investigation and CIA investigation who just ruled in bureaucratic terms that Oswald was alone to kill Kennedy and Ruby was alone when he murdered Oswald to take revenge the death of his favorite President. Commission didn’t sense a conspiracy but public did smell a rat.

Netaji and JFK

Murder of John F Kennedy had given birth to a mystery, various conspiracies, and thousand stories. It was rumored that multiple high officials including those of CIA and FBI had hands in killing of Kennedy.

Ramsey Clark Panel was created in 1968 to examine the documents, photographs, X-ray films etc. and it observed that only two bullets hit Kennedy.

No one was considering the existence of such mystery. Neither native americans nor foreigners for America were giving a second to give a heed to this logic that CIA could be colored red in the murder of JFK. That’s why Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President of USA in 1975 investigated the activities of CIA in the United States especially related to Zapruder film, which highlighted a head snap. In addition, “United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities” (US Senate Committee) chaired by Senator Frank Church in 1975 investigated the conduct of FBI and CBI in JFK assassination.

This Church Committee ignited the public passions and because of which “United States House of Representative Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was created in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. and shooting of Governor George Wallace. Even though it was considered as a strong commission, still it was disputed at large. HSCA criticized the moves of CIA, FBI, and Secret Service and bodyguards of JFK included the driver of presidential limousine. In turn, FBI criticized the task of HSCA.

Unlike the sleepy, wrongly moderned, ill historical, illogical, mafia hyped, underworld captured, and factually wrong most of the today’s Bollywood, Hollywood always has a good grasp on its audience. Since its inception Hollywood is launching great movies in the favor of its Mother Nation that teaches its citizens to remain together and to be patriotic.

Sensing the rumors in the society for JFK assisnation even when US Government is not listening to these stories, Hollywood listened to them. Instead of rejecting the conspiracies surrounding JFK murder mystery, Hollywood created a true blockbuster titled “JFK” in 1991. Thanks to its Director, Producer and Actor – Oliver Stone – who pictured every available proof to support the fact and truth of the mystery. The movie represented these points in such a way that auduence could correlate the impact of JFK assassination on their busy individual lives.

Impacts of the movie ‘JFK’ were awesome. All citizens of USA stood together and raised a voice to force the current Government of Nixon to resolve the mystery behind JFK assisnation. This compelled the US Government to create Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), an independent agency, by enacting a law (ARRB law of1998) to declassify the records and evidences of all investigations and commissions of JFK assassination. Only in 1992 just after the film and creation of board, 98 percent of Warren Commission report were published. In 2013, 5 million documents were declassified and by 2017, each document related to JFK murder will be revealed publicly. Only three more years have to go.

When the mystery was started to resolve, it brought out the multiple facts bare in daylight. Not only it proved the facts of those who knew a bit of information already but also revealed many ground-breaking facts.

Please note that prior to JFK everyone in the US and remaining world was not only silent but also dumb on mysteries. That was the situation irrespective of the fact that USA had multiple series of inputs in form of multiple files related to JFK’s death mystery. JFK movie turned the situation turtle and made JFK murder mystery a hot topic.

Thank God! JFK took birth in USA, became its President, and was assassinated therein. If he was an Indian Prime Minister or President or assassinated here, neither his death mystery could be solved nor would the third class citizens of this country waste their time even to listen to his murder story.

However, NSCB alias Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was not so much lucky. After his disappearance in 1945 even if it was proved by Justice Monoj Mukerjee Commission and Government of Taiwan that there was no air crash in Taihoku Airport on 18th August 1945 and Netaji didn’t die therein still the people of this country are not ready to listen to this. They are so Kitrghan that they don’t give a heed to anyone who want to say something regarding Netaji.

As already said, today’s 98 percent of the Bollywood is penniless and not like Hollywood at all. If any Bollywood’s Star Cast or Star Producer creates a movie on NSCB to highlight the true facts involved in Netaji mystery then s/he will do the true service of the nation like its big brother Hollywood does for the United States.

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