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Privacy Policy, and other allied sub-domains are intellectual property of OmABC.


This Privacy Policy describes how our server collects information when a user browses our Website. In this document, ‘We’ will refer to ‘’ and ‘you’ refers to a visitor.

    1. When a user visits or its sub-domain sites then our hosting server collects technical information like
      • IP Address,
      • domain name,
      • URL,
      • referrer URL
      • page views,
      • user activities,
      • user sessions
      • language type,
      • country,
      • location,
      • operating system,
      • access time and date etc.

in non-readable format.

    1. creates cookies on the visitors’ computer in machine-readable format. These cookies are stored in your computer whenever you browse any Website and are erased while deleting browsing history. You are free to clear cookies on your own. Please note that no cookie is created in the Private Browsing or Incognito Mode of browser.
    2. We do not sell or purchase the products, but we have affiliate partnerships with few companies, of which advertisements, banners or other links you can see on the Website. We highlighted such sections with the heading called Advertisements. We will have distributed these Ad sections so that these will not disturb you while visiting the Website, accessing its navigation or reading its content.
    3. can reserves its right to do partnership with the online advertising companies to display the ads on its Website and sub-domains. We will make sure to partner with trusted vendors only.
    4. We have integrated following third-party services to our Website to provide more user-interacted features. Following is a list of third-parties partnered with us and links to their privacy policies:
Sr. No. Company Name Privacy Policy
1 BigRock
2 LinkShare
3 Wix
4 WizardThemes
5 CA Internet Security via LinkShare
1 Chitika
2 Infolinks
1 Google FriendConnect
2 Google Custom Search
3 Google +1
4 Google Buzz
5 Google Analytics
Social Sharing or Bookmarking Options
1 Wibiya Toolbar
2 Facebook Like & its social plugins
3 Twitter Follow & its widgets

If a user clicks on these ads, banners or links then he/she will be redirected to their concerned Websites and hence, will be bound with their Privacy Policies and other conditions. For more information, you are suggested to check the Privacy Policies & other documents of these third-party sites. will not be involved in any way about the activities of redirected users at third-party sites. In addition, these third-parties may track your activities through their links and other facilities available on our Websites.

    1. We may share visitors’ non-technical information to above listed companies or any other third-party Website linked with us in order to provide better user functionalities and for following purposes:
      • to perform a local or Web search from Website
      • to display location-specific advertisements from partnered advertisement group
      • to redirect an advertisement URL to the relevant Website when a user clicks it.
      • to continue the Website usage or navigation without any error or problem.
    2. Currently, we have partnered with Google to integrate its esteemed search functionality on our Website. When a visitor uses the search box then non-technical information like IP address, domain name, keyword etc. may be shared with search engine to display relevant results. In this case, the visitor will be bound with the privacy policy of relevant search engine.
    3. In addition, we make use of Google Analytics to track the
      • visitors’ traffic
      • their activities
      • their social activities
      • their referral URL
      • IP Address
      • Geo-location
      • User Agent of browers
      • and other non-technical data

We make use of above non-technical information to improve our Website as per visitors’ requirement and Google may use it to rank our Website or for any other purpose.

    1. We will collect the personal information of visitors only when they provide on their own consent. The visitors’ personal data is collected when one make use of
Sr. No. Service Purpose Information Shared
1. Google FriendConnect to join our Website Name, Email Address
to comment on our Website Name, Email Address
to rate & provide feedback Name Email Address
2. Facebook to like our Fan Page, Website, or Posts Name, Username
to be our friend on our Facebook Profile Name, Username, Email Address
to share or send our posts Name, Username
3. Twitter to follow our Twitter profile Name, Username, Email Address
to share our posts Name, Username
4 Wibiya Toolbar to perform social activities Social ID to perform the activity
5. Any other social service to follow us Name, Username, Email Address
to share, recommend, or bookmark our posts Name, Username
6. Newsletter to subscribe with our Newsletter Subscription Service Name, Email Address
7. Contact us Form to contact us Name, Email Address, Message, Subject
8. Comment Form to comment on our posts Name, Email Address, Website URL, Subject, Comment
    1. We are using WordPress to run our Website, its default Twenty Eleven theme to design it, and plugins from its WordPress Plugin Repository. The manufacturers of WordPress, Twenty Ten and plugins used may track the visitors’ usage & session of their facilities provided at our Website. Following plugins are installed for the visitors’ interaction and increasing their functionalities:
      • Fast Secure Contact Form
      • Follow Me
      • GD Star Rating
      • Google FriendConnect
      • Print Friendly & PDF
      • SexyBookmarks
      • Socialize It
      • WP-Greet Box

We reserve our right not to declare the other plugins which are used to maintain the Website. In addition, we also preserve our right to make use of more plugins if required in future.

    1. We do not perform any business to distribute the visitors’ personal information to any other company. We respect your privacy and do not disclose your personal information except legal orders imposed by competent law authorities around the globe.
    2. A Website or computer does not know who is using it. As result, we could not guarantee that teens and minor kids do not visit our Websites. promotes the parents monitoring their kids while using Internet or our site. We also promote children to visit our site or provide personal information only in the presence of their parents only.
    3. We have placed proper security measures to protect the misuse, loss or alteration of our information.
    4. Our work and the content on and its domain are licensed under Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
    5. reserves its right to
      • change the Website design,
      • include or remove any user-oriented feature

or for any other work whatsoever related to our Website.

  1. reserves the right to update its privacy policy at any time. However, we will post the revised version on the same URL with different text formatting.
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