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Posted by on May 26, 2016 in Religion |

Jallikkattu is not a Local or Regional Issue

It was Robert  Clive who first  opened  some   slaughter houses for cows all over the country  in the eighteenth century. And he had a purpose, that is to spoil the agricultural production.  He was astonished to find a large population of  cattle in the country and very quickly found that the cattle population was the backbone of Indian agriculture.  Hence he ordered opening of slaughter houses.  Even when the British physically left India the country had a little over 350 slaughter houses.  And after independence it has grown alarmingly as the government wants to earn more money of export of beef, as the government is yet to arrive at a clear policy over this.  Though many states have banned cow slaughter,  they permit transporting of cows and cattle to other parts illegally violating all norms and even allow transport of cattle across the country’s borders, being witnessed by the law enforcing agencies  against which the PETA or the Animal Welfare Board  do not normally bother.

The milk we consume daily contains two types of proteins ie., A 1 and A2.  Mammals all over the world  including humans feed their young ones with this  A 2 protein only.   This  A2 milk is easily digestible and ensure the growth and strength of children.  Hence our ancestors preferred natural milk food  and as an alternative chose cow’s milk as an equivalent to mother’s milk.

In Europe, when milk production was commercialized they went on promoting high yielding cows and popularized the Hibrid  (selectively bred)  variety of cows.  They  were engaging in the genetic process not only for increased milk production but also for its meat.  With  these changes they could produce more quantity of insipid and harmful milk only at the cost of the health of the consumers.  We have invited only this health hazard in the name of white revolution pleasingly  preached by the Congress governments in the first two decades of independence.  They  have some how or other fooled the gullible masses to go in for the artificial insemination of the Jersey variety and succeeded in their attempt  to the fullest satisfaction of the foreign market forces, using the Animal Husbandry departments all over the country.

This hybrid variety cows injected with harmones,  produce milk with the harmone contents harmful to the health of the consumers as it contains Estrogen.  When being taken by the children it  has started showing its quick results and as such we find girl children attaining puberty early.  As it  induce sex urge among the girls  will result in the demoralizing the society in a country which attach more importance to chastity. Besides this intake of milk from the hybrid variety cows creates laziness among the males and also lead to harmone imbalances among the youth  leading to many turning transgenders.

The native breeds of cows though not having competence with the high breed varieties in terms of milk production,  and can yield only lesser quantity of milk are harmless and ensure public health.  Only from the cow dung of the native varieties natural manure  and using its urine Panchakavaya  from which low cost pesticides can  be derived.    For the above purpose the Jersey variety of cows can in no way be of any use.  In the farm sector, the cattle of the hybrid varieties are no match to the native variety of cattle.  In the name of modernization and mechanization of agriculture the bullocks have been during the years eliminated by the tractors and thrashers.

Over the years the international giants like the Monsanto Company and other fertilizer and pesticide giants have played havoc in the agri sector in India.  The left over native breeds  are seen only in some pocket s here and there in some districts of the country, where the locals attach more importance to the bull embracing (Jalli Kattu)  in the southern districts of Tamilnadu and cart races in some places in TN, Karnataka, Maharashtra  etc.,.  For reproduction of the native breed of cows native bulls are needed and vice versa.  The government through its programmes and negligence have eliminated the native cows.  The progressives and modern  thinkers  in the guise of animal lovers and under the banners of like PETA and the like are out to eliminate the bulls and for achieving their goal resort to legal methods and legislations.  Extensive usage of chemical fertilizers have resulted in soil erosion.  Totally eliminating the native breeds of cattle will make the farm lands purely infertile.

Let the country wake up to the reality and should not neglect the issue as some thing pertaining to a district or state.  By and large it is a serious national issue and tell  Sonia Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi and Jairam Ramesh can together try their axe somewhere else and not to play with the lives of the cattle.

Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan

I am native of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, I am now retired from service in Punjab National Bank.
Amrtheswaran Comal Mahadevan
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